Symptoms of a Dead or Dying Tree

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Trees offer a common way to beautify a property and add a lovely touch of color and elegance to your home. Unfortunately, trees can die off for a number of reasons, including old age, improper conditions and disease. While the best way to keep your property looking great is to keep your tree strong and healthy with regular servicing, sometimes a tree’s death is inevitable. When this occurs, you will need to contact a qualified provider of large tree removal in Watertown, MA.

If you believe that your tree is dead or dying, you should call for tree service and removal in Watertown, MA as soon as possible. Dead trees can pose a substantial amount of risk to your property, as they may fall at any time.

Determining if a tree is dead or dying can be difficult to the untrained eye. The best way to be certain about the status of your tree’s health is to call for a qualified expert. There are some easily identified warning signs, however, that your tree is in trouble.

Do the twig test

The best way to determine your tree’s health is to take a twig and, with your fingernail or a coin, scratch away the thin layer of bark covering it. If it is green and supple underneath, your tree is still alive!

If it appears to be brown and brittle beneath the skin of the twig, however, you should perform a few more steps to determine the health of your tree, and see if you need to call for large tree removal in Watertown, MA. Here’s what you should do:

  • Check more twigs: The first twig you pulled may have been an anomaly. If you can’t replicate your findings with several twigs, chances are, your tree is still alive and well. You should always check several twigs before calling for tree service and removal.
  • Look out for fungi: Examine the base of your tree for any mushrooms or fungi that may have begun growing along your tree. Fungi feed on dead plant matter, and their presence may represent a health issue with your tree.
  • Analyze the bark: If the bark of your tree appears to be pealing or cracked, you could have a serious health problem with your tree. While some bark damage is always to be expected, an inordinate amount can point to problems.
  • Look up: If the canopy of your tree appears to be thinning, you may have health problems with your tree. Additionally, you should watch out for deformed or unusually small leaves.

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