Helpful Tips for Fall Tree Care

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Fall is in full swing, which means that winter is fast approaching. As the weather begins to change, you may be wondering what you can do to keep your trees healthy and strong. Temperature changes can affect your tree’s health, and helping it prepare in advance is advised so that you can maximize its longevity and get the most out of your investment. Maintaining healthy trees is good for your property value and allows you to add a vibrant touch of natural beauty to your land.

Preparing for the fall and winter seasons by hiring a tree trimming service in Watertown, MA is a great way to keep your home’s foliage in tip-top shape. There are some common things that you should do to help weatherize your trees. If you aren’t comfortable working on your trees or are worried about potentially damaging them, you should reach out to a professional tree trimming service for assistance.

Pruning properly

Because trees often go dormant in the winter, meaning that they cease all new growth, you can prune your trees to help protect them from the elements and promote healthy new growth when things thaw out in the spring. If you are thinking about trimming your trees in the fall, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Watch the roots: Many trees will send roots up above the ground, which can be problematic because they may represent tripping hazards. If your tree has above-ground roots, they can be trimmed, but be careful so that you don’t damage your tree!
  • Don’t top your trees: Tree topping is the process of removing the entire top of your tree. This is an easy way to prune, but it can cause serious and long-term damage to the health of your foliage. Never top a tree!
  • Call for help: It’s important to keep your foliage healthy and looking good. If you are worried about the process of caring for your tree, or think that you may run into problems that could potentially harm its health, call a tree trimming service.

Planting in the fall

Autumn can be a great time to add to your arboreal collection. Here are some tips for planting in the fall:

  • Know what to plant: Evergreens, maples and fruit trees should all be planted in the fall; however, some plants are better off when planted in the spring.
  • Don’t plant too late: Generally, you can plant trees between August and mid-October. Never plant a tree if the ground is hard, however!

For more than a decade, BBD Tree Service has been providing some of the most comprehensive tree care in the region. We are proud to be the premier tree trimming service in Watertown, MA. We are known throughout the area for our extreme attention to detail and extensive service offerings. Our well-trained and courteous professional tree trimmers can help you keep your property’s flora looking great for years to come. We want to help you have the healthiest foliage possible. Contact one of our associates to learn more about our extensive service offerings today!

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