The Importance of Fall Tree Service in Watertown, MA

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The trees around your home can provide shade, provide increased aesthetic appeal and even increase your home’s value. Mature trees can be beautiful additions to any yard, but they can also be potentially dangerous if they aren’t cared for properly. If you’ve ever driven around after a heavy storm or snowfall, you’ve probably seen large fallen branches that couldn’t handle the weight of the snow or the force of a storm. These fallen branches can do significant damage to surrounding structures, and can even cause serious injury.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your trees are cared for to prevent fallen limbs from doing damage to your home or hurting somebody. There are many reasons why it is so imperative that you take care of tree service in Watertown, MA this fall before winter hits:

  • Dormant trees are often easier to deal with: During the spring and summer, the foliage on your trees is in full bloom, and all of those leaves can make it difficult to effectively trim your trees. Branches that are weak, diseased or dead can be more difficult to spot behind all of those green leaves. As your trees become dormant in the fall and winter and the foliage begins to thin, weak spots and branches that are in bad shape become more apparent. This can make it much easier to identify issues and trim trees more effectively.
  • Winter elements can take a toll on your trees: While the first snowfall of winter might seem light and fluffy, snow and ice can be incredibly dense and heavy as they accumulate on your tree. All of this weight can be too much for branches that are already in bad condition, and eventually they will fall and cause damage. It’s important that you have your branches trimmed before the weather becomes extreme.
  • Disease is less of a concern during the colder months: After your tree is trimmed, it can be exposed to insects and diseased before it heals. During the winter, your tree has a chance to heal without the presence of insects and pests that carry harmful diseases. These diseases can do serious damage to even large and mature trees, so it’s important to consider. Trimming in the fall will give your trees the best chance at healing before insects become an issue in the spring.

Contact your tree service in Watertown, MA this fall before winter strikes to get help from the team of experts here at BBD Tree Service. We have years of experience providing services ranging from tree pruning to stump grinding to homes and businesses in and around Watertown. We are a locally owned business and we place an emphasis on providing service that is timely, professional and friendly—we even offer 24/7 emergency services. No matter what your specific needs may be, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to assist you. Simply give us a call today for a free estimate and to get started with our service.

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