Hire a Tree Service in Watertown, MA to Assist with Insect Infestations

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During the summer, your trees should be growing healthy and green. However, trees can become susceptible to certain pests that ruin the look of your trees and permanently damage them. If insect infestations are left untreated for too long, they can cause major damage, and you may eventually require tree removal in Watertown, MA.

There are three major types of insects that feed on trees: chewing, boring and sucking insects. The best way to prevent insect infestation is to keep your tree as healthy as possible. Hire a professional tree service to perform maintenance like tree pruning.

You should regularly inspect your trees for any signs of insect infestation. If you notice any symptoms, call a tree care professional. Here are some ways to identify the symptoms of insects in your trees.

Chewing insects

Some of the most common types of tree-infesting insects are chewing insects. These pests feed on the foliage or fruit of the tree and can limit the tree’s ability to grow. Common chewing insects include caterpillars and beetles.

Some of the signs of chewing insects are the nests or insects themselves on the tree, holes in leaves or fruit, the skeletonization of leaf tissue or an unusual loss of leaves in a given season.

To prevent chewing insects, keep your tree as healthy as possible. In the event of an infestation, physical barriers can help control insect movement up and down the tree, and insecticides or injections can help remove the insects. You may need tree pruning in Watertown, MA to remove severely damaged sections of the tree.

Boring insects

Boring insects tunnel into the tree to eat the inner bark, harming the interior of the tree and limiting the tree’s ability to transport water and nutrients. As a result, the interior of the tree can be severely damaged, and the crown and leaves may begin to wilt and die. Boring insects leave limited external evidence, but be sure to check for small holes in the tree trunk as well as sawdust-like debris on or near the base of the tree.

Tree pruning will help avoid attracting boring insects to open wounds on your tree. Sealers can help to protect open wounds. You should remove all dead wood as soon as possible, as well. If boring insects are present, sprays and injections can help control the pests.

Sucking insects

Sucking insects suck sap and nutrients from the tree bark, resulting in withered leaves, branch dieback and a loss of needles on the tree. These insects leave behind excrement called honeydew, which can cause a sooty-looking mold.

Prevention is the best approach to dealing with sucking insects, which requires keeping the tree as healthy as possible. However, soaps and sprays can help remove sucking insects from the tree. Additionally, killing the insects on contact can help control or prevent their reproduction.

If you notice signs of insect infestation on your trees, call BBD Tree Service! Our expert tree service in Watertown, MA has been providing tree care to area property owners for over 17 years. Call us today for a free estimate!

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