The Hazards Associated with Improper Tree Removal in Watertown, MA

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Removing a tree from your property may seem like a simple task, but it can actually go horribly wrong if the proper approach isn’t taken to ensure a safe and smooth tree removal in Watertown, MA. Not only can you sustain injury if you don’t take the proper precautions, but you can also end up with a tree causing significant damage to your home. Avoid these hazards when you are cutting down a tree from your property to ensure a safe and uneventful tree removal:

  • Ladder falls: Falling from a ladder when cutting the branches and limbs of a tree are more common that you may think. Avoid this potential hazard by securing the ladder to the tree when you’re performing large tree removal in Watertown, MA. This will ensure the ladder stays in place as your debranch the tree, and provides more stability to avoid a fall.
  • Dropping limbs: Tree removal in Watertown, MA isn’t a one-person job. You need to have a helper to be an extra set of eyes and hands. As you delimb a tree, the branches and limbs are bound to hit you. With an additional set of hands there to guide the branches and limbs out of your way, you can avoid injury and prevent a trip to the hospital.
  • Electrocution: With many trees being cut down near power lines, electrocution can be a real hazard. While you can be careful and avoid touching the lines, it is nearly impossible to foresee an accident before it happens. It is best to call the utility company to see if they can secure the lines or cut off the power while you are cutting down a tree that touches them. It is better to be safe than sorry in this situation, as the results could be deadly.
  • Chainsaw injuries: When you are having large tree removal in Watertown, MA, you definitely need to use a chainsaw to slice and dice the tree into manageable pieces. Without the right experience using a chainsaw, it can be extremely dangerous and cause injury in a matter of seconds. Be sure to read the instruction manual before you attempt to use a chainsaw for the first time, and take all the necessary safety precautions during its use.
  • Leaning trees: When a tree is leaning in a dangerous direction, it can be difficult to alter its trajectory during tree removal in Watertown, MA. A leaning tree can be unpredictable when it falls, leaving you no room for error when you are cutting it down. It is best to call a professional in these circumstances to avoid damage to your home or property.

When you are considering tree removal in Watertown, MA, it is best to think about the potential hazards that can occur before you undertake the job. This can prevent you from removing a tree the wrong way and keep you safe during the project. Of course, calling the pros to provide tree removal services from start to finish is ultimately the safest approach you can take. To have professional tree removal conducted on your property, contact the experts at BBD Tree Service. We offer 24/7 emergency service, so you will never be left at the mercy of a damaged or falling tree.

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