Five Signs You Need Tree Removal in Watertown, MA

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As a tree gets older, it can become weak and disease-ridden. This requires its removal from your property to prevent it from falling or becoming an eyesore at your home. Working with a tree removal service in Watertown, MA can help you recognize whether the trees on your property are healthy or if they need to be removed to avoid a potential risk to your house. The following signs can help you identify whether your trees need to be removed:

  • Damage: Storms can wreak havoc on trees, causing limbs to weaken and break. If you have a tree that has undergone significant damage, it may not be able to recuperate. A good rule of thumb is if 50 percent or more of a tree has been damaged, you need to call for tree removal in Watertown, MA. This will ensure your property stays safe and your home isn’t in danger of a falling tree.
  • Leaning: Trees that lean are providing you with a sign that there is something significantly wrong. The root system may be weak or be broken under the ground. You also need to be concerned about where the tree is leaning. Leaving a tree that is leaning toward your home unattended to can create major damage if it is left to fall on your home. Don’t leave these trees to uproot completely—have them removed from your property as soon as possible.
  • Disease: Leaving a diseased tree to continue living on your property can be a potentially hazardous situation. Not only is the tree sick, weak and dying, but it may have a disease that could affect the other healthy trees on your property. Have a tree removal service in Watertown, MA remove a diseased tree at the first sign of sickness to avoid spreading and ruining your property’s landscape.
  • Overgrowth: Trees can outgrow the space they were intended to occupy over time. This can pose a potential hazard to your home’s foundation or driveway, as the root system can make its way inside or underneath. Having tree removal in Watertown, MA can eliminate the threat these trees pose and give you back your property without the worry of danger to your home.
  • Power lines: It is a good idea to have a tree removal service in Watertown, MA remove a tree that is too close to a power line. While these trees can be thinned, they do present a risk if a storm or fallen power line were to occur. Your home could be without power as a result, or even have the potential of catching fire from a faulty power line.

Working with a tree removal service in Watertown, MA can help you identify whether your trees are in need of removal. This can keep your home safe and prevent the risk of a falling tree on your property. Contact BBD Tree Service for all your tree care needs. We offer trimming, pruning, felling and stump removal, and can help you recognize if one of your trees needs to be removed.

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