Understand Your Tree’s Transition from Winter to Summer with Help from a Tree Trimming Service in Watertown, MA

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Just as you make changes to your home as the weather gets warmer each year, so too do all of the plants and trees that are a part of your home’s landscape. In fact, spring is a critical time in the growth of a healthy tree, and paying attention to some of these changes with the help of a tree trimming service in Watertown, MA can play a role in their future growth.

Warmer weather and longer days

Although trees actually begin to set their buds at the end of each summer, when the winter weather arrives, it is too cold and dark for any growth to take place. Because trees lack the necessary nutrients for nourishment and development, these buds remain unopened and the trees become dormant during this season. By the time the spring rolls around and the days begin to grow longer and longer, your trees will have more sunlight during the day. These lengthened daylight hours will provide more time for trees to access both water and the sustained warmth from the sun that will allow them to carry out this growth process successfully.

Spring showers, summer growth

When a tree’s roots have enough water and nutrients, the trunk is used to transport and send the sustenance that is collected from the soil up the rest of the tree so that the buds and sprouts can begin to open, and the tree can continue to add to the growth it experiences every year. Each summer, trees get wider and taller, and you can actually look at the growth rings that each tree adds to get an idea of what the growing conditions were like in a particular year.

It is important to monitor your trees closely during this transitional period to make sure they have successfully made it through the winter, and that they will be healthy enough to make it through the coming seasons. Making it through the winter is not easy, but trees are intelligent living organisms, and they are conditioned to sense and wait until the time is just right before starting their yearly growth process.

Trees have so much work to do throughout the course of a year, so it is important that you as a landowner do your part to help make sure that your trees are healthy. One way to do this is by making sure that you are scheduling routine tree trimming service in Watertown, MA. While this service is critical to your tree’s health and can even extend your tree’s lifespan, it is not an easy task, and it’s best that you consult a professional to complete the work.

At BBD Tree Service, we have over 17 years of experience with tree services of all kinds, and you can trust us to make sure all of the trees on your property are healthy and safe. Make sure you give us a call for your free estimate today. We look forward to helping you keep your trees looking their very best!

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