The Best Time of Year for Tree Service in Watertown, MA

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After months of looking at tree branches stripped free of beautiful lush, green leaves due to the harsh winter weather, spring is finally here! Soon the tree limbs will once again be flushed with the colors of warmer weather. But it’s important that you do your part to make sure your tree has a healthy base underneath for all of those beautiful leaves. Doing the necessary tree work before spring is in full swing helps to ensure that your tree will continue to grow strong and healthy all year long, while also encouraging future growth.

Read on to learn more about when to have a professional arborist visit your property to provide tree service in Watertown, MA.

Why is it important to prune your tree annually?

Pruning your trees annually will help keep them healthy and encourage future tree growth. While light pruning to remove dead branches can be done anytime, extensive pruning should be left to very specific times of the year. This is especially beneficial for flowering trees, as a good pruning can foster new growth. Not to mention that pruning a tree can also increase its overall lifespan.

When is the best time to prune trees?

Your tree needs a good trim from a professional tree service at least once a year to encourage good growth and remove any dead or compromised limbs. Typically, this should be done after the changing leaves have fallen during the autumn season or right before the flowers begin to bloom in the spring.

During these two times of year, your tree is in a dormant stage where all growth has stopped. Plus, the harder ground and bare branches makes providing tree service in Watertown, MA significantly easier.

When not to prune

Pruning too late in the spring season could limit the bloom and growth potential for the upcoming months. This means that it may be too late if new growth has already started. Be careful when pruning during the fall months, though. Your tree is in a delicate state during October and November, as decay fungi spread their spores during this time. While this results in beautiful changing leaves, it causes wounds from tree pruning to actually heal significantly slower. It’s best to put those pruning shears away until the tree becomes dormant during the winter months.

Your tree should be pruned approximately every two to four years, based on the type, size and health of the individual tree. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to identify the perfect time to call for tree service in Watertown, MA without the help of a professional tree specialist. Talk to the experts at BBD Tree Service to identify the perfect time to tend to your tree. Our knowledgeable team will trim and prune your trees for a beautiful finish every time, and we know when the best times are to work on your trees to ensure their continued health and flourishing. Call us today for a free estimate—we look forward to assisting you soon!

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