January 10, 2019

Home owner

"We had a tall 30 feet fir tree in our very small front yard. The tree was close to our house, our neighbor’s house and close to the electrical and other wires that run along our side of the street. Bob came out on a Saturday to size up the work and gave a very reasonable estimate for the job. Then, promptly as promised, he came with his crew on the following Tuesday to do the work. In a little over an hour the tree was gone. Bob did the work so carefully that nothing was damaged. His crew then proceeded to clean up the area: our and our neighbor’s front walk, the sidewalk and the street. In less than two hours he was finished and he left the area immaculate, as if nothing had happened. As I told Bob, the only regret that I had was that I did not have any more trees for him to cut down. When you need a tree cut down, BBD Tree Service is the one to call!"
May 17, 2018

Nice, Reasonable and Professional

"Very happy with BBD Tree Service. Bob is nice, reasonable and professional. I was impressed with their clean up after removing a tree and some branches from my yard. I would happily recommend this company, Thank you so much!"
December 3, 2017

Bob and His Crew Were Terrific!

"I hired Bob to remove two old maple trees. They were located in a difficult to access area in my yard, and several other bidders gave me quotes so high I had to assume they did not want the job. Bob and his crew were terrific! One tree hovered directly over skylights in my kitchen, and not even a small twig hit the roof. I highly recommend BBD Tree service."
September 9, 2017

Wonderful Job

"I have a very tall tree in my back yard , a lot of the branches are closing my window and over my roof. I called BBD for tree trimming, owner Bob responded immediately and came for free estimate next day. Today, they came on time and did wonderful job for me. They cleaned my yard and also cleaned my neighbor"s drive way before they left. Thank you Bob!"
July 31, 2017

This Company Sets the Standard

"Called BBD to scope out removing a major limb fallen across roof line of my house. Bob reviewed entire situation. Gave me a quote that included limb removal, trimming other overextended limbs on the monumental oak that lost the limb, addressing all other trees on my property and limbs of various trees rubbing against house, others over chimney and still others dangerously close to power lines to the house. He also found a tree I thought to be healthy and revealed its only greenery was from a vine climbing up it. He came with a crane, full crew, chipper, and plenty of sharp chain saws. Took them most of 2 days for the entire job, generating scads of branches, leaves, twigs, sawdust...you get the idea. Having finished all the work, the crew cleaned up everything totally and scrupulously (even the gutters) and despite the extra work, billed at the original quote. Don't know how to put it other than to say this company sets the standard for what any contractor of whatever stripe should aspire to."