Stump Grinding Services in Newton, MA

If you’ve recently felled a tree and are left with an unsightly stump on your property, it could be ruining the entire aesthetic of your landscape. Digging it out can be extremely invasive and expensive, and if you do nothing it could end up rotting. The solution? Stump grinding, performed by an experienced professional.

An experienced tree stump grinder in Newton, MA will have the ability to properly grind your stump down to an unobtrusive level, so it can be covered over and remediated to restore the verdant appeal of your lawn. It’s less intense than tearing out the entire stump and can quickly be filled in by a landscape professional.

Stumps of all sizes


While many companies are specific in the size of the stump they’re able to remove, we offer complete tree stump removal in Newton, MA for any and all stumps, no matter the size. From saplings to trees that have decades of rings, we’re able to grind your stump down to a manageable height, so it can be chopped, covered or dealt with in any other capacity you see fit.

Typically, we’re able to grind a stump in just a few hours—the length of the job is directly proportionate to the size of the stump. We provide stump grinding estimates for time and cost after surveying your stump, which takes just a few minutes.

Cleanup work

We’re also dedicated to leaving your property in better condition than we found it after a tree stump removal in Newton, MA. This means cleaning up any debris that may be leftover and collecting any sawdust that may have resulted during the grinding process. Rest assured, when we’re done, your property is going to look immaculate.
For more information about our stump grinding capabilities or to consult with a tree stump grinder in Newton, MA, please contact us today by calling 781-589-9902.